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Take control of your motor fleet insurance expenditure

Take control of your motor fleet insurance expenditure Traditional insurance aims to make a profit by charging premiums in excess of expected losses. Insurers provide claims assistance and you will pay an annual premium and revisit in 12 months’ time. But how do you speed up the claims process and […]

1,000 vehicle self-insurance motor fleet solution provided

1,000 vehicle self-insurance motor fleet solution provided The Problem: We were approached by a large UK courier to provide a solution to their slow claims handling and increasing insurance premium cost. This included-: Premium cost doubling Poor visibility on claims trends Unmanageable driving warranty No long-term cost reduction plan Solution: […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Insurance

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Insurance Self-insurance allows a business to maintain direct control of their insurance programs, creating a fully personalised experience with its own unique challenges and opportunities for reward by increasing the self-retention for each and every claim. Even though self-insurance programs can help businesses navigate the challenges […]

Self Insurance – A boost to your cash flow – but is it also risky?

For larger more complex clients self-insuring can be a very effective means to enhance cash flow or insure parts of their operations that are difficult or very expensive in the traditional insurance market, but is not without risk. One option for businesses with a strong balance sheet is to look […]

Self-Insurance – Motor Fleet

In simple terms, purchasing an Insurance product is transferring your risk for trading to protect your business from a catastrophe. There are some compulsory requirements to purchase Insurance and motor insurance is one of them. However, there are options available to keep the risk “in house” subject to various financial […]

What is Self-Insurance?

Self-Insurance is the decision to retain more risk in-house and on your balance sheet rather than simply purchasing it from a conventional commercial insurance company. Whilst the main objective of self-insurance is to save premium and improve a company’s financial performance, self-insurance differs from standard insurance programs in that it […]